Sunday, 4 December 2011

A breif history of Joe

Good day minions, today i thought i would regal you of my epic personal history. I have graced this fine earth for the last 19 years and its been a nice journey sometimes happy sometimes sad, but mostly game and art absorbed!
In my games history i started on the saga mega drive, at this point i was to young to remember the age i was when i got it or to appreciate the true value of early games, to be entirely honest with you the only parts that i remember are the small play through of sonic and street fighter. Both fantastic games in my opinion and have played through them a few times on emulators on my pc.
 Soon after we inherited a computer from some better off family friends from this i never knew about the gaming that could have been possible on this just playing the side games in accessories like pin ball and minesweeper, boring but fun to my own games development. I then swiftly moved on to games like Age of empires and Boldersgate as i started to love RPG and RTS games to an extreme, since then i have bought many of the games in that genre.
After a few years of just playing a very limited arsenal of games i moved swiftly, after a some encouragement from friends, to begin playing the life absorbing world of warcraft when it first came out and sadly sill play this today like some kind of drug. Still it has continued to influence my life as i have followed blizzards style and interoperated it into my own art work incorporating a cartoony and exaggerates reality.
Since then my gaming career has been quiet as i have leaked money to the monthly sub. However looking at my games library in front of me i can clearly see my roots and am passionate about my RPG games, even on my newly acquired Xbox i can only see myself spending my hard earned limited money on the games i love.
As for my artistic career, i have never had a specific talent and the only thing that i was ever told i was effective at is art. Since then i have practiced and trained and began to feel art work as a relaxing and enjoyable thing. I have been studying it since i was in junior school, i only hope that my skills have enhanced since then! I love using pencils and paint and getting messy creating whatever i want and love. I have my own ways of drawing that don’t necessarily get the best results but it gets the style and interpretation that i love.

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