Saturday, 12 November 2011

A history of games 1990-2000

Hello, welcome to the next instalment of joes epic blog. Today i will be talking about the development of games and consoles between the 1990s – 2000s an interesting decade with terrible fashion and great music such as nirvana, public enemy and others !. the collapse of the soviet union in Russia and the first golf war.
This decade meant the sad demise of the arcade and the rise of the handheld and personal consol as in 1994 Sony released the play station 1 one of the modern day big 3, this meant the arrival of great games such as tomb raider, crash bandicoot and metal gear solid. Its rival arrived later with the Nintendo 64 with resident evil and others like Mario as you can see games were becoming big by this point as most reading this will know the consoles that i am mentioning games were becoming more and more revolutionary with golden eye released by rare and Zelda again coming to our homes.
Sadly in 1998 the dreamcast was born and sagas days as a consol manufacturer was dead as they turned there focus to just games however even thought the dreamcast was a failure few games like sonic adventure were gems in the turd.
Wars continued to ravage the modern world and influence the design of games such as the columbine killings and the war in the former Yugoslavia with the golf war continuing on. 

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