Saturday, 12 November 2011

A history of games 1980-1990

Welcome back to Joes epic blog. This time ill be talking about the development of games between the 1980s-1990s. And how they have effected the recent platforms and games that we play and use now. Many things in this time frame affected the way that we play and the developments of computers, a lot of music was influential at this time in making us feel and imagine more. Also this was a key time for Briton as the conservatives took power and destroyed the country. As the cold war raged on and the miners went on strike all looked bleak. However this was also when the arcade came to the players livening room with the birth of consoles.
1982 saw the arrival of the Atari 5200 and there game Colico vision. That’s right the birth of the games giant Atari. This was the beginning of its long game history as people could finally play games in there home with there friends and family. Its rival arrived a year later in 83 as the Nintendo famicom came to fruition witch saw some of your favourite games come to life such as Mario and Zelda. Once again it could all be played in the comfort of your own home on compact platforms.
Then we move on to the birth of my first consol i ever got or played with the release of the saga genesis (mega drive in America and the EU) in 1988. This was truly a great platform my opinion may be bias but with the birth of sonic and street fighter both great concepts and successful games. Again the consoles became more and more stylised and compact until the triumphant released of the Nintendo game boy in 1989 witch meant you could take your favourite characters around with you like Mario and Zelda again and also the legendary tetras.
Consoles had finally made it into our home and the computer game was becoming more and more prominent as a money making product as the public adored the very idea of virtual entertainment who knows were it goes after this monumental decade, we will find out in the next instalment of Joes epic blog!. Joe out.

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