Saturday, 12 November 2011

a history of games 1950-1970

Greetings and welcome to another entry to joe’s blog. I’m here now to tell you all a brief history lesson into computer games history from the very start i will cover from 1950 – 1970 in this post and i hope that you enjoy every word!.
Lets start off with the NBS Seac in 1950 witch was the first indication that computers were becoming more compact as we all know computers keep halving in size, I’m sure soon we will have ones the size of raisins!. The nbs seac was designed to be a computer that would be fast made whilst the National Bureau of Standards (the company that produced them) waited to produce more powerful expensive computers.
Now we move onto the Univac in 1952 witch was possibly the first computer to be able to store information to be reloaded at a later time, essentially it was the first save. However at this point the actual size of the computer was obscenely huge and impractical, still far off the desktops we have to present date.
Now we move onto an important development in the history of games, the Dec pdp-1 in 1960. This was the first prototype for desktop personal use with keyboard interface. This also was a all modular computer with Pong, one of the first computer games to grace the earth. Later this computer was used to develop Space war in 1962 the first real game on computers to use a 3D space!.
We reach the point now were computers are starting to get more and more accessible by normal people in 1965 when the Hp 2115 came out and began to transform the look of computers into the desktop look that we seem to have adapted to with modern computers. From this most companies followed the simple approach to input and output. 

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