Saturday, 12 November 2011

Intro about joe

Hello, I’m Joe, and ill be writing in this blog about how i progress through my games art course at DMU. Ill be telling all of you about how i come across any ideas and how i get to complete the tasks that i am set through the course by my tutors. Obviously to do this course i have to be a gamer and i like to consider myself a keen one.
So a little bit about me, i have always found that i was quite good at drawing and got most of my good grades because of creative productions etc. I have a lot of fine art training having done it from the start of my secondary school career and also a lot of investment into art in my private time. As I said before I am a keen gamer and this being about my games art course I thought I would mention my favoured game, which has to be mass effect of course, all of the franchise.
To do with art and my favoured styles and medias i would say that i am a skilled sketcher and enjoy getting messy by using paints and pastels and have recently tried my hand at digital painting after purchasing my graphics tablet, still need a bit of work but i feel I’m progressing slowly.
Before i moved to Leicester to do this course i used to live in Birmingham witch i used as the root of most of my inspiration with classical art, hence why i would like to branch into environmental design within the game art industry. I enjoy capturing the moment in every picture i do so i can look back and remember the exact scene that i drew. I like to think of myself as an amateur photographer as well as i love nothing more than walking around and taking photos. I think i have a natural eye for photography which is also reinforced by my father’s past history as a photographer so i have always been growing up around cameras and other associated items.
Enough about me and i hope that you enjoy the contents of this blog, i may also personalise this by adding my own personal game reviews on games that i am currently playing, sadly because of limited resources and computing power most of said games will be Xbox versions, so for any PS3 and computer fans i apologise. Joe out.

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